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Our favorite summer program is being held over this fall, in Ellerslie Crossing Park. The programming will be focused on nature, and runs Monday and Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.
We are very pleased and proud that the City of Edmonton has chosen our park to be one of their sites for this great fall programming.

*Please ensure that your child comes dressed for the

Ellerslie Remembers

June 10th, 2015 | Posted by Communications Director in Civics | News - (0 Comments)


Blue, in memorial.

Ellerslie Community League is with you. Constable Daniel Woodall was killed in the line of Duty, approximately 8pm, June 8th. You leave behind, your wife and two small children, countless colleagues in the EPS, and a city that will be, forever, in your debt.

God Speed Constable. Ellerslie will remember you. #EPSSTRONG